At Hambledon Pre-School we aim to provide a safe and happy learning environment for every child with a focus on their individual needs. 

We are proud of our well qualified and dedicated team of staff who care and provide for the children.


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and cover all seven of the learning areas throughout the curriculum by means of topic related activities. Children’s interests are taken seriously and they are encouraged to become involved and to learn independently.


We aim to promote confidence and frequently the children plan their own activities such as deciding how they wish their ‘home’ corner to look. Children who are fully engaged will want to learn and will be happy whilst doing so.


Much of our learning takes place outside as we have a safe and secure area, which enables the children to explore their world in more detail and have first hand experiences of the weather and what to wear. We have fun in the rain as well as in the sunshine!


Each child within the Pre-School has a key worker. This enables the parent to develop a close working relationship with this member of staff and provides the child with the security that they need in order to feel happy.

Our Day


Our sessions are very much play based, with careful planning made from observations and assessments that are regularly kept. The children’s interests are our priority and a wide range of equipment and activities are set out for them to use.


Every day painting, art and craft activities are offered to the children as well as a large selection of malleable materials, so that there are plenty of hands (and feet!) on experiences for them to explore.


We have many hearty singing sessions with the children, often linked to the stories and chosen topics that we are exploring. The children are also encouraged to tell their own stories or simply to share a song they wish to sing.


We have a computer that is always made available for the children, with many educational programmes for them to follow.


Physical activities are carried out each day, as we make a large selection of balls, cones and beanbags available, as well as the children’s favourite parachute!


As a Pre-School we are keen to expose the children to as many experiences as we can and for them to have a good awareness of their environment. We take the children on village walks and our last theatre visit was a great success.


During the sessions the children are able to help themselves to a healthy snack consisting of fruit, vegetables, milk or water. We encourage the children to be independent at the snack table and pour their own drinks and help prepare their own snacks. Special dietary requirements are always respected and catered for and followed, due to this we are a Nut Free environment.


We welcome parents’ involvement so please do come and visit and find out what a happy and friendly Pre-School we are!


"The children only attended the preschool for one term but thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and it gave them a great advantage in making the move to the primary school as they already knew several children who became their classmates.


The care and treatment provided was second to none, and I greatly appreciated the communication and attitude of the staff.


The mixture of daily activities, together with use of the outside space, and of the park and surroundings was brilliant.


I really can’t think of anything I disliked about the preschool!"


Staff At Hambledon Preschool




Emily is the Pre-school Supervisor and has

been with the

Pre-school since 2011 and is qualified to Level 5. 

Staff At Hambledon Preschool


Deputy Supervisor 

Angie is the Pre-school's Deputy Supervisor and is qualified to Level 3. Angela joined in 2012. 

Staff At Hambledon Preschool


Pre-school Practitioner, SENCO 

Jane is a Pre-School practitioner and SENCO and is qualified to Level 3. Jane joined in 2015. 

Staff At Hambledon Preschool


Pre-school Practitioner,

Dana is a Pre-School practitioner and is qualified to Level 3. Dana joined in 2017. 

Staff At Hambledon Preschool


Pre-school Practitioner, 

Tina was a volunteer and is now and 
unqualified Pre-School practitioner. Tina joined in 2014.