Emergency School Closure Procedure

In the event of an emergency closure being necessary parents are asked to access http://www.hants.gov.uk/schoolclosures
This county council website will list all schools that have had to close and give brief details  of the reasons. Local radio stations (Wave 105, BBC Radio Solent, Heart South, The Breeze and The Coast) will also broadcast the list of school closures. In addition to this we will endeavour to contact you via email in the event of any closure.

Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales

Registered office: Hambledon Youth Hut, West Street, Hambledon PO7 4RW 
Registered No: 6926893 Registered Charity no: 1131930


Hambledon Pre-School Policies

Below you will find a list of Hambledon Preschool's policies. This list is not exhaustive and if you

would like to enquire about a particular policy, please do so by clicking on the contact tab in

the menu above. Many Thanks.


1.1 Children's Rights & Entitlements

1.2 Safeguarding Children & Child Protection

1.2a Child Protection Information Poster

1.3 Looked After Children

1.4 Uncollected Child

1.5 Missing Child

1.6 Use of Mobile Phones & Camera

1.13 Physical Handling

1.13a Physical Handling Appendix & Forms

1.14 Internet Usage & Social Networking

1.14a Internet Usage & Social Networking Guidance

1.14b ICT Agreement


2.1 Employment

2.2 Student Placements

2.3 Conflict of Interest


3.1 Induction of Staff, Volunteers & Managers

3.2 First Aid


4.1 The Role of the Key Person & Settling In


5.1 Staffing


6.1 Administering Medicines

6.2 Managing Children who are Sick, Infectious or with Allergies

6.3 Recording & Reporting of Accidents & Incidents

6.4 Nappy Changing

6.5 Food & Drink

6.6 Food Hygiene

6.7 Basic Kitchen Opening & Closing Checks Template


7.1 Achieving Posititve Behaviour


8.1 Health & Safety General Standards

8.2 Maintaining Childrens Safety & Security on Premises

8.3 Supervision of Children on Outings & Visits

8.4 Risk Assessment

8.5 Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation

8.6 Animals in the Setting

8.7 No Smoking

8.8 Health & Safety Risk Assessment Template

8.9 Fire Safety Risk Assessment Template

8.10 Staff Safety, Including Home Visits


9.1 Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality

9.2 Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

9.5 British Values

10.1 Privacy Notice

10.1a Early Years Prospectus

10.2 Admissions

10.3 Application to Join

10.4 Parent Registration Form

10.5 Parental Involvement

10.6 Children's Records

10.7 Provider Records

10.8 Transfer of Records to School

10.9 Confidentiality & Client Access to Records

10.10 Information Sharing

10.11 Working in Partnership with Other Agencies

10.12 Making a Complaint

10.13 Payments- Fees

10.14 Whistle Blowing

10.15 Emergency Closure

10.15a Critical Incident Booklet April 2013

10.16 Data Retention

10.17 Committee's Code of Conduct

10.18 Expenses Policy

10.20 The Prevent Duty

10.21 Reserve Policy

10.22 Staff and Volunteers Conduct Policy

10.24 Paying Staff


Lockdown Policy

Pay rise Policy

Preschool Debit Card Policy

Potty Training Policy


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